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Allied Health Professionals

General X-Ray & Dental Imaging


● Our GE logic E9 ultrasound machines are amongst the most advanced available.

● We perform a wide range of scans including:

    ● General ultrasound

    ● Interventional procedures

    ● Cortisone injections

    ● Obstetric scans

   ● Gender scans are available, please contact our friendly staff at reception.    Gender scans are not bulk billed

● Most scans are bulk billed; however, cortisone injections and obstetric scans and surgical procedures will incur a small out-of-pocket fee.

CT Scans

● Balaclava Radiology boasts the latest state-of-the-art low dose 64 slice go.Up Siemens CT.

● Our CT scanner uses high resolution imaging and the latest dose reduction protocols.

● A number of select examinations may be performed at radiation doses equivalent to x-rays.

● Surgical procedures will incur a small out-of-pocket fee.

Images & Reports

● Secure electronic delivery of reports and images.

● Images can be viewed online or using your iPhone or iPad.

Allied Health Professionals

● Our radiographers use shielding and filtering routinely.

● We can provide full-length spinal imaging and “stitching” on request.

● We shall bulk bill you if you are a Medicare eligible patient and you are referred from an Allied Health Professional.

General X-Ray & Dental Imaging

● The latest innovative low dose x-ray imaging.

● State-of-the-art low dose dental imaging

● General X-rays, OPG’S and cephalograms are bulk billed.